West Brom loan manager Paul Terry was hit by FA betting fee

Who is terry

Terry joined Albion in July 2019 to oversee the development of players who loaned The Hawthorns.

His role at Albion includes working with lower division clubs to bring young players into teams and managers who Albion believe they are providing the right environment and style of football to support their development.

He also travels the country observing the players in action for their loan clubs, speaking regularly to the players and advisors to document their progress, and reporting to Sports and Technical Director Luke Dowling.

Terry is also responsible for all first-team players who leave Albion on loan.

After retiring as a player in 2012, he worked as an agent and coach at Yeovil and Oldham before joining Albion.

What was he charged with?

Terry was charged with violating FA Rule E8.

The 41-year-old has until November 10, 2020 to comment.

What are the rules

FA rule E8 applies to all participants in the game. The rule merely states that “a participant should not bet, directly or indirectly, or instruct, permit, induce or enable any person to bet on: 1) the outcome, progress, behavior or any other aspect or occurrence in or in In connection with a soccer game or competition. ‘

It also applies to other football-related matters around the world, such as transfers. Participants are also not allowed to provide inside information or use information for betting.

What happens next?

The athlete understands that Terry’s case will be treated as non-standardized, meaning that there would be no set penalty if found guilty.

Instead, any punishment in this case would be entirely at the discretion of the independent commission.

(Photo: Pete Norton / Getty Images)

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