Valorant fans demand nerves for ‘overpowered’ Jett before VCT champions


After an incredibly solid performance at Masters: Berlin, Valorant fans are hoping to see some nerves in Jett ahead of the VCT champions in December.

Valorant’s second international tournament, Masters: Berlin, is coming to an end soon, and fans are asking Riot to piss off the game’s most popular agent, Jett.

With hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs and a ticket to the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour final in December in play, 15 teams faced off last week in Berlin.

While trying to prove who deserves a place at Champions, it’s no surprise to see Valorant’s most popular chosen for most of the tournament, but some believe she’s overpowered.

Jett is aimed at young and talented amateurs. The agent’s only intention is to be unreasonably aggressive, and this is of no consequence, as the agent has the ability to quickly get into fights with his dashes.

While there are four other Duelists at Valorant who have a fairly similar playstyle, Jett has an 84% pick rate at Masters: Berlin, compared to the next Duelist at 28%. Only the selection rates show the agent’s impact, and fans are desperately calling for nerves.

A post on the competitive Valorant subreddit was very successful and it highlights the issues with the agent and the current meta. “Berlin shows how overpowered Jett is,” they said. “Almost every time a Jett player does well, it seems impossible to challenge that player and the only way to solve it is to use the 100t strategy to find that player’s location and just run away.”

Other Valorant players also spoke up, mentioning another Agent Skye, who is also considered one of the strongest in the game, with his healing adding to the problem. “Skye’s meta makes it even worse as the Jetts are healed to 100,” they noted.

“I think almost all the pros agree that Jett is overpowered. Riot won’t do anything though, ”added another. “I think it’s stupid how she can rush even though she’s stunned. I don’t understand why it’s always a thing, ”commented another player.

While Valorant fans and players alike believe changes need to be made, Riot isn’t saying if anything will be done.

Riot has a heavy focus on in-game stats, and while they care about the opinions of communities, they’re unlikely to make any changes before the game’s biggest event.


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