Super Bowl draws another $525,000 bet at Vegas sportsbook


The same bettor who pushed Caesars Sportsbook to move the Super Bowl line to Rams -4½ after placing a $522,500 bet last week on Los Angeles -4 has come back for more.

When Caesars lowered the line to 4 for a few hours on Saturday, the player made another $522,500 bet to win $475,000 on the Rams (-4) against the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL title game Sunday.

Caesars vice president of trading Craig Mucklow considers the bettor to be very sharp.

“He is highly respected. This guy’s money,” he said. “He got us down to 4½. We’re going to switch between 4 and 4½ all week.

The Las Vegas consensus line on Monday was 4½, with Treasure Island the only pound at 4, despite being priced at -125.

The South Point offers -105 juice on both sides all week.

Caesars also took a $400,000 bet to win $200,000 Monday over the Rams on the money line (-200).

BetMGM took a six-figure multiple bet on the Rams -4 on January 30.

“We’re a week away from the Super Bowl and fast action has taken place on the Rams and under,” BetMGM vice president of trading Jason Scott said. “As the game draws closer, we expect the crowd to support the Bengals and more.”

The total is 48½ at all levels. Mucklow said Caesars took a $110,000 bet on the under-49s.

“The sub has been so popular with sharps and the public,” he said.

Westgate SuperBook Vice President Jay Kornegay also reported quick action on the pennies.

“Sharp money has only appeared on the total so far. Only at first they bet under 51 and under 50½,” he said. “They kept reducing it to 48½ I think it might go up a bit as we get into the weekend as most people will be playing overs.

A BetMGM bettor placed a $200,000 bet on the Bengals +4½ on Monday. Cincinnati leads the way for tickets to the SuperBook.

“One surprise I see so far is how many tickets we have on the Bengals +4½,” Kornegay said. “About 69% of the tickets on the spread are on Cincinnati. Normally you would see it the other way around, where the majority of tickets are on the favorite on the spread.

“You would always expect the money line to favor the underdog, which is true. Seventy-four percent of the tickets on the money line are on the Bengals. This is normal, but the distribution is very interesting.

“The dog money seems to show that the Bengals appeal to the general public. It’s a bit surprising because they’re not really a supposedly popular team and they don’t have a huge fan base. But in this game, they get a lot of support from the general public. That could change later in the week.

The action was fairly balanced at BetMGM in Nevada, where the book took 70 tickets more on the Bengals than the Rams ATS and 30 tickets more on the top than the bottom.

LA leads the money tally by a 5-1 margin, but MGM Resorts chief commercial officer Jeff Stoneback said the margin was skewed by the major bet placed on the Rams.

“If you throw that bet, the money is 3-2 on the Rams,” he said.

The Bengals lead the ticket count on the money line, where they are +175, by a 3-1 margin and lead the money count by a ratio of 6-5.

“Like every Super Bowl, they’re betting on the ‘dog on the money line,'” Stoneback said. “The best-case scenario, like most Super Bowls, is for the Rams to win but the Bengals to cover.”

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