Students request reimbursement from University of Limerick for ‘canceled’ international workshop


The University of Limerick is urged to reimburse postgraduate students who were unable to attend an international workshop last year due to Covid-19.

UL’s Postgraduate Students Union says it has been lobbying UL for eight months, but refused to reimburse the sums – which are said to be in the order of € 1,500 for each student .

A number of postgraduate students have contacted the Limerick leader in recent days and ULPSU says it has decided to publicly highlight the issue due to the standoff.

“As the students were unable to undertake these trips, efforts were made to contact the university to reimburse the students for the costs. Endless communications have been made with UL President UL Provost, Course Director, Former Dean of the relevant faculty, Acting Dean and Honorary Board, ”read a statement from Rania Shadeed. , vice-president and representative of the voice of students.

“Despite the academic, financial, social and psychological repercussions of the pandemic on students, the University of Limerick Graduate Students Union and aggrieved students have been greeted with contempt, nonchalance and a lack of prioritization of their demands. “, she added.

In response to a question from the Limerick leader, a UL spokesperson referred to correspondence sent to students of Finbarr Murphy, acting executive dean of Kemmy Busines School.

In the letter, Mr Murphy says: “It has been a difficult time to constantly adapt to changing public health guidelines, while trying to meet the educational needs of students. The inability to undertake international travel is a big disappointment at the end of two difficult online semesters “.

He said changes in the delivery of university education over the past 14 months have had a significant impact on the costs and benefits of higher education and adult education.

Referring specifically to the canceled international trip, the letter states: “ The cost of this year’s virtual workshop was considerable and the time and effort spent in organizing this workshop was equal to or greater than the effort involved. organization of an international trip. For Kemmy Business School, our main task was to ensure that students achieve learning outcomes in accordance with our mandate as the Higher Education Authority and audited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland. We are convinced that these results have been achieved. “

The details letter adds. “The cost of delivery between the international travel and the virtual workshop or other alternatives cannot be distinguished. While it is true to say that some operational costs such as heating, light, etc. have decreased, of other costs have increased. These increased costs include significant human costs. and the technological resources to move to online delivery at very short notice. These costs are spread across campus and cannot be attributed to programs individuals. “


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