Sounding off: Too Much Pork in the American Bailout Plan


The 591-page American bailout plan is full of “pork”. Supposedly it is supposed to be used to combat and provide Covid aids, but the bill is instead intended to eliminate social inequalities. Remember that these amounts are in additive to what has already been budgeted in these areas. Even programs that deal directly with the pandemic include funding for items not directly related to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, I think the media is doing a disservice if it doesn’t make the public aware of these things. Here are just a few of them:

• $ 1.5 million to develop the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway

• $ 1.5 billion for Amtrak – the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

• $ 1 billion in loan assistance to socially disadvantaged farmers

• $ 7.6 billion for improved Internet access

$ 19 million for the National Institute for the Deaf

• US $ 270 million for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities

• $ 39 billion in childcare grants

• $ 20 million to upgrade the Affordable Care Act replacement technology

• US $ 5 billion for homelessness relief

• $ 50 billion for FEMA

• US $ 4 billion to farmers to provide loans and help with denied loans

• $ 4 billion to expand child tax credit to $ 3,600.

• $ 73 billion to expand income tax credit

• $ 130 billion for K-12 schools because of Covid and hiring support staff

• $ 40 billion for colleges due to Covid and increased student grants for low-income students

• $ 39 billion for childcare providers

• $ 35.5 billion for increased subsidies under the Affordable Care Act

• $ 350 billion for state and local governments

• $ 880 million to expand the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

• Tens of billions for government personnel and oversight

Tom Cerra, Latrobe

Think of others – wear a mask, get the vaccine

I want to applaud Lori Falce’s column “Why did I get the vaccine?”. I think it could be used by President Biden to be his “oneness” mantra for. to direct all American. Well done Lori!

It reminded me of a recent conversation I had with my BFF. I told her I found my uncle Mike’s letters home from serving in World War II. During the war, he was stationed across the Pacific for 43 months without traveling home. During this time, his four brothers were drafted and his father died. My uncle and his mother wrote letters to their representatives and senators and the Department of Defense asking him to return home to help his mother. It was refused. Although several of his brothers were injured and suffered from PTSD, Uncle Mike returned home by the grace of God and led a quiet, simple life with his family, all in one, unharmed.

I never knew of his troubles; Uncle Mike was humble, happy, and loved by friends and family. I cried as I read his letters and wished I had told him how proud I was of him and expressed my condolences for his worries. My best friend was listening; she knew my uncle Mike. After a quiet pause, she said, “And people are complaining about wearing a mask!”

Think about your fellow Americans and their safety; Wear a mask and get the vaccine, at least out of love, Your Mother and loved ones.

Carmella Pucci, New Eagle

Legislators wrong to fight mail-in-voting

I believe Trump supporter Leslie Rossi, Republican candidate for the state house seat in the 59th district, is calling on like-minded voters in that district to go to their polling stations in person on May 18 and help her become their next legislature , would vote for overturning our state’s postal voting law.

I have personally voted for every election since I was 18. But now I have a high risk of developing Covid-19 due to my age (71) and my autoimmune disease. I don’t drive and my community doesn’t have public transportation to take me to the polling station. I voted by mail in the 2020 presidential election and submitted my request for postal voting for this year’s area code.

I believe the repeal of the state’s mail-in electoral law is another GOP voter suppression tactic to prevent hundreds of thousands of legally registered voters from casting our votes, lowering the turnout, and favoring Republican candidates. This will punish voters who, due to their age, location, lack of transportation, inability to get Covid vaccines or other medical problems, do not want to risk going to a polling station during this terrible pandemic.

Many Republican lawmakers say they support voting by mail for Pennsylvania voters who are on active military service and Pennsylvanians who work outside of the state. I want to hear how these state legislatures justify repealing the Postal Voting Act while allowing exceptions for certain voters but denying others the right to cast our votes by mail, a right granted by both the U.S. Constitution and Pennsylvania .

Frances Weiss, white oak

America’s dangerous money game

After reading the article “Board games offer low-tech alternatives to online obsessions”Having re-claimed interest in board games during the pandemic, I decided it could be a great day to blow the dust off the Monopoly family game. When my game dealer handed me the designated $ 1,500 to start the game, I couldn’t help but think that in the near future, play money would be the value of the few supposedly “real” funny money dollars I carried in my pocket could outshine it.

It’s no secret that we can print American money faster than the money that is being spent on the game. If this $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package takes effect, we will all have long-term consequences.

Everywhere I look there are “Help Wanted” signs. The unemployed have to get jobs instead of waiting for this temporary patch. If you don’t need this money, you’d better cancel it, because inflation and taxation, which is sure to follow, will require ten times the repayment.

Our national debt is rapidly approaching $ 30 trillion, which is well in excess of GDP. Washington’s waste and lack of a credible commitment to fiscal responsibility also threaten the country’s valuable status as the supplier of the world’s most important reserve currency: the US dollar. Above all, this places an unfair burden on future generations by endangering the American dream.

May God in his infinite wisdom help this world full of greed, indolence and self-claims.

Jim Fontana Sr., Unit

Letter writers should continue their education

I refused to write this opinion for a few weeks. As I read more letters, I realized that I had to say something. Thank goodness we have the first amendment. And this page is exactly what it says, opinion. (We can write or say almost anything in this country.)

An author discusses affidavits. Because it’s signed by the author, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Another author addresses the decline in the stock markets and says he has lost three times the value of his first home purchase. Guess what – your money back next week and more. Another author addresses socialism and appeals to Marxism to show that this country is moving in this direction. By far not. Because we take care of ourselves and others.

So before you write, do me a favor: do a degree in political science or political science and fresh market economy and stock market history.

Leonard Mucci, Derry Township

Biden’s orders from the executive

President Biden, the man who promised to rule by consensus and have both the House and Senate under democratic control, has issued nearly 60 orders and measures, more than any other president in US history.

I believe that some of these “signatures” can only be classified as dehumanizing, sinful and treasonous.

On Jan. 20, his administration froze President Trump’s ordinance on Access to Affordable Life-Saving Drugs, which was due to go into effect Jan. 22 and would have cut the cost of insulin, epinephrine and other prescription drugs that the pharmaceutical industry had opposed.

He revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit and imposed a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other states. Thousands of well-paying union jobs were lost overnight.

Its executive ordinance on preventing and combating discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation is a slap in the face for all young women who want to exercise on an equal footing with their peers.

He released a memorandum to “ensure that the regulatory review serves as a tool to positively promote regulation” rather than discouraging them.

Other measures put an end to the building of the border wall; Revoked Trump’s federal streamlining order; lifted Trump’s transgender military ban; the use of the term “China virus” banned; made climate change a national security focus; repealed an ordinance banning the use of US foreign aid for abortion; and expanded the “protection of LGBTQ people around the world”.

Joseph Krill, Delmont

Trump has to face the consequences

It is imperative that President Trump suffer the criminal charges he may face. Evidence that he asked the crowd to march to the Capitol on January 6th and told them he would meet them there is on tape. The travesty is that aside from the radical fringe groups, most of the people in the riots were ordinary workers, many who ruined their lives by being betrayed by Trump and not receiving pardons.

Worse still are the shallow cowards who are still backing him to be re-elected from the Trump base – Reps Mike Kelly and Guy Reschenthaler, Senator Josh Hawley, who appears to believe he will one day become president, and Senator Ted Cruz. who sold his soul after Trump defamed his family members. They refuse to do the right thing and disregard the frightening reality that there could have been multiple deaths in this attempted coup in our Capitol.

Hopefully the rule of law will triumph over Trump, whom his former chief of staff Gen. John Kelly described as “the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.”

Tom Tarosky, West Leechburg


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