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Following on from the “Safe Return without Occupation” campaign, launched by the Committee for Internally Displaced Persons of Sereêkaniyê, the Committee today organized, as part of a series of activities, a dialogue seminar, to shed light on the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries after their occupation of the Serekaniye region, over a period of two years, and listen to the demands of the displaced.

The Committee for Internally Displaced Persons of the Serekaniye Region was formed on 7/9/2021 to make the voice of the displaced persons of Serekaniye heard in regional and global public opinion, and to denounce the crimes of the Turkish occupier.

The seminar, organized in the Miêkaniyê camp located in the Al-Tala’a neighborhood, brought together members of the Serêkaniyê Displaced Persons Committee, in addition to dozens of displaced persons.

The seminar began with a minute’s silence from the audience, then Zahra Samou, member of the Serekaniye Displacement Committee, explained the political situation in general, and what the Serekaniye region is witnessing under the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and their continued crimes against civilians for two years.

Zahra recalled, during his speech, the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries in the region of Serêkaniyê, which is commemorated today, two years after its occupation, and declared: “On this day, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries launched their land and air attacks on the Serêkaniyê area to occupy it in front of the eyes of the world and the great powers. “

She added: “The occupation of the region by the Turkish army and its mercenaries is part of the international plot, and the international silence regarding the Turkish attacks is proof of their partnership with the Turkish occupation and of reaching out to them. “.

Zahra explained that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries commit the most heinous crimes against civilians trapped inside the city, including kidnappings, rapes, looting and killings, in conjunction with a process of demographic change. In the region.

Stating, “The purpose of the occupation is to displace the original inhabitants of the region from their homes to bring about demographic change and break the will of the peoples of the region.”

At the end of her speech, Zahra confirmed that they would liberate their land, inch by inch, by all means, and that they would withdraw occupation from their area and all areas it occupied.

The roundtable ended with opening the door for discussion, and the committee listened to the demands of the people, while the people demanded a safe return to their homes and homes, and emphasized the pursuit of struggle and resistance until the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries were expelled from the region.

It should be noted that the Serekaniye Displaced Persons Committee will organize, tomorrow, Sunday, a protest sit-in for the families of the martyrs, the wounded and the missing, in the Serekaniye camp, and will issue a statement on this subject, according to the announced program of events.




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