Saturday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: The Bills Game, The Little Dilemma, Trading Teddy, and more


Part 2 of the SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag pre-Bills game:

From FinsUpMass (@paulbdotcom);

I think Miami can win. But I’m worried about Von Miller. Are our backs capable blockers – we’ll need them to represent him on stunts?

Hey Paul, that’s a good question because we just haven’t seen them having to do a lot of pass blocking so far. Alec Ingold would clearly be able to handle that task to some extent but maybe we’ll find out the backs, although we shouldn’t expect Miller to come free on a running back as that should be on the line O to slow it down.

From David Triana (@davidtriana_):

If Greg Little plays very well against the Bills defensive line, what impact does that have on a potential return for Austin Jackson? Or does it solidify Little as the answer to the right tackle going forward this season?

Hey David, that’s always a good question whenever someone leaves the roster for a few games and my answer is always if things are going well with the new guy then why risk messing up a good thing. There are exceptions, of course, but unless you’re talking about Type A players, you have to adapt and not have a strict ‘you can’t lose your job to injury’ rule. I say you can if your replacement outperforms you. That said, I don’t yet know Mike McDaniel’s philosophy on this.

From Big Fax Man (@BigDolphinsFax):

When we trade Teddy B?

Hey, the Dolphins will trade Teddy Bridgewater as soon as they’re blown away by a trade offer that makes them feel okay leaving a seventh-round rookie pick as the best backup behind a quarterback with an injury history. to a veteran with starting experience. In other words, I’d say it’s definitely in the lower 50-50 range where it happens.

From David Nastali (@DNastali):

Wondering who you think will be inactive this week for this game, and how are we going to contain Allen?

Yeah, Josh Allen is going to be awfully hard to contain, especially if he has Gabe Davis back in the lineup to start against Stefon Diggs. I say the best way to “contain” Allen is to give him different looks and, of course, apply some pressure. As for the inactive list, well, we already know that Hunter Long and Cethan Carter will be inactive since they were kicked out on Friday, and then I would add Erik Ezukanma, Skylar Thompson, one of the running backs ( Gaskin or Ahmed) and then maybe Trey Flowers (he was inactive in week 1). Obviously, that changes if one of the guys listed as questionable ends up not playing.

From Tony G (@Tgiles1968):

Just one (simple) question. Will the defense generate a pass rush this week to put pressure on Allen?

Hey Tony, you’re asking to predict what’s going to happen and I can’t. What I would say to you is that I have great concerns about the Dolphins being able to do that because they didn’t do it last week and very little in the opener. The question is whether Josh Boyer is ready to go crazy with the blitz, but it would make a lot more sense if he had healthy Jones and Howard in the lineup.

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From Rob Reimer (@RobReimer76):

With our defense looking bad against the Ravens, do you think Coach McDaniel can help our pass defense? Or does he only coach the offense and leave the defense to Coach Josh?

Hey Rob, nothing happens without McDaniel involved and OK, but it’s also fair to say it’s Josh Boyer leading the defense. Also remember that McDaniel’s background is as an attacking coach and he picked up Boyer as DC to manage that side of the ball.

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From Chris Bustin (@ChrisBustin13):

Hey Alain, my biggest concern for this game is the Bills’ margin of victory over the Rams and then the Titans. What do you think is the most optimistic reason this game won’t blowout like the Bills’ first two opponents? Thanks!

Hey Chris first of all I would say the final scores can be deceiving and remember here the Bills-Rams score was 10-10 at half time just like it was 3-3 in the game Bills-Dolphins rematch last year before it ended as a 26-11 final. As for my biggest reason for optimism, I would point to all the injuries in Buffalo’s high school. If the offensive line can even provide decent protection, the passing game has a chance to do its job.

From bjj (@bjjocelyn1):

First: Are there any significant injuries we should be concerned about? Second: What is your score prediction? JK! Actually, my question is a bit strange: I haven’t attended an Ends home game in a decade. It seems that we never have home advantage. Has the tide turned from this?

Hey there, first, props on the joke! It was good. Yeah, I think the tide is turning in terms of Hard Rock Stadium support and the off-season additions have played a big part in that. But also understand that Buffalo travels very well and so there will be a Bills fan segment at the stadium on Sunday.

From Tommy to Hialeah (@Dolphinfan201):

Do the Dolphins learn from the success of the second half and start attacking early on?

Hey Tommy, I have to be honest and tell you that this notion of “wanting to start fast” has always been silly to me. I mean, like any team plans to start slow and fall behind. The truth is, there’s really no carryover from game to game other than finding out things that work and maybe things that don’t.

From Culler’s comment (@cullercomm):

If this game is all about an offensive shootout, what is your opinion on how the heat/humidity will affect defenses, and which defense would you suppose would benefit the most?

Hey, I think the notion of heat/humidity is always a bit of a stretch, but if it becomes a factor, it favors the off-field defense as much.

From mr mojo risin’ (@dennisgriffin7):

Obviously the heat will help the Finns, but do you think a short week for the Bills will make a difference? Considering only 2 games so far?

Hey Dennis, as I pointed out earlier, I don’t buy the idea that the heat makes a huge difference to a great extent – I believe the winter weather is a much bigger factor – but I do buy the idea of ​​playing over a short week when it comes to a road game. So in that sense, it’s clearly an advantage for the Dolphins. Again, last season’s numbers actually suggest the opposite because, according to my research, teams went 7-1 last year when playing on the road after a Monday night game. Oh, and the only team that lost: the Tennessee Dolphins after their Monday night game in New Orleans.

From Lee Huntley (@LeeHuntley11):

From Fin Fan68, Von Miller. Are the fins audible away from where he is 10 seconds before the snap? Or does Tua ask a TE/FB to stay for extra protection on 2nd or 3rd and long?

Hey Lee, I don’t know if he’s walking away from him, but maybe instead throwing a naked bootleg alongside him early to slow his pursuit is an idea. And I’m also all for the idea of ​​having a fullback or a tight end, either providing a double team or at least giving him a chip.

From Dave (@angryvet59):

Edmonds IMO’s 28-yard run was the best run so far this season. Blocking looked awesome. Something to build on?

Hey Dave, everything about this play was awesome, from the pre-snap move knocking out a defender from the zone they attacked, to the linemen and blockers clearing a big hole, to Edmonds going through it. It was a beautiful thing to see. That said, it was just a great play that they might or might not repeat, but the circumstances were also favorable as the Ravens seemed to think the Dolphins were in pass mode only on that last drive and that was an excellent movement counter. Conclusion: The circumstances of the game were part of the success of this plan, so to think it would happen automatically is unrealistic.


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