Results of the 2021 industrial survey


MACAO, October 17 – Information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) indicates that the number of operating establishments engaged in industry-related activities in Macau (covering the manufacture and supply of electricity, gas and water ) stood at 889 in 2021, a 3-year-on-year increase. The total number of people engaged fell from 439 to 10,773. The revenue and expenditure of these establishments amounted to MOP 10.39 billion and MOP 7.54 billion respectively in 2021, up 11.8% and 7, 8% over one year. Gross surplus increased by 24.0% year-on-year to MOP 2.85 billion; Gross value added, which measures the sector’s contribution to the economy, increased by 6.8% to MOP 4.93 billion. In addition, gross fixed capital formation increased by 43.1% to MOP 1.62 billion. However, major indicators showed declines from pre-pandemic levels in 2019; among which, revenue and expenditure decreased by 9.8% and 11.6% respectively, while gross surplus and gross value added decreased by 4.6% and 7.1%.

There were 882 manufacturing-related establishments, up 2 year-on-year; the number of people hired fell from 414 to 9,680. Manufacturing revenue and expenditure rose 23.4% and 18.2% year-on-year to MOP 6.63 billion and MOP 5.96 billion, respectively. billion MOP. The gross surplus amounted to MOP 670 million, an increase of 103.6%. The sector’s gross value added increased by 21.9% to MOP 2.14 billion and gross fixed capital formation jumped by 65.1% to MOP 179 million.

In manufacturing, cement and concrete manufacturing revenue increased by 65.9% to MOP 1.78 billion, driven by a continued increase in demand for cement and concrete products in construction projects. local construction; in addition, expenditure increased by 58.5% to MOP 1.44 billion. The industry’s gross surplus and gross value added increased by 107.2% and 71.9% respectively. Revenue from food and beverage manufacturing rebounded 23.1% year-on-year to MOP 2.31 billion in 2021, following a relatively large decline the previous year; Expenditure increased by 13.7% to MOP 2.05 billion. The industry’s gross surplus and gross value added increased by 255.3% and 34.8% respectively. For the publishing and printing industry, revenue (438 million MOP), expenditure (459 million MOP) and gross value added (208 million MOP) decreased by 4.1% respectively. , 8.2% and 1.9% year-on-year, and a deficit of MOP 21.36 million was recorded.

In the electricity, gas and water sector, the number of establishments increased year-on-year to 7, while the number of persons employed decreased from 25 to 1 093. Sector revenue decreased by 4.2% year-on-year to MOP 3.76 billion, and expenditure decreased by 19.2% to MOP 1.58 billion. As the fall in expenditure was greater than that in revenue, the gross surplus increased by 10.7% to reach MOP 2.18 billion. Gross value added amounted to MOP 2.80 billion, a decrease of 2.3%. Taking into account the acquisition of new equipment by certain establishments, the Gross Fixed Capital Formation of the sector increased by 40.8% to 1.44 billion MOP.


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