Proposed bill would reduce the student debt of health care providers


Nurses, doctors, medical assistants and interns, medical workers, home care workers, and mental health professionals are all included in the bill that certifies a frontline worker as “federal or state law certified for the provision of health services and the delivery of COVID . describes -[19-]associated health services. “3 The insurance cover also extends to students of medicine or nursing who have COVID[19–]related services, laboratory workers, investigators and emergency medical services personnel.3

“Frontline health workers care for the sickest patients and risk their own safety to continue their work,” Maloney said in a statement. “And in return, I believe we have an obligation to see that they are cleared of the debt they did for this critical work – in graduate courses or other professional certifications.”4th

If passed, the bill would allow qualified individuals to receive eligible government and private loans and to waive interest. In addition, the amount of money granted for the loan would not qualify as taxable income.3

A 2017 financial report from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing found that 71% of nurses with a master’s degree carried student loans (Table).5

The bill proposes the establishment of a 9-person intergovernmental working group to determine who is eligible and to carry out the administrative tasks of implementing the loan waiver. The group would include3:

5 members of the US Department of Health, selected by the Department of Health and Human Services; ‘

2 members of the Ministry of Education, selected by the Education Secretariat for Education and

2 members of the Ministry of Finance chosen by the treasurer.

With just one Republican among the current list of 27 co-sponsors, the lack of apparent bipartisan support may suggest that his final passing is a long way off.3

“Health care workers are concerned about their own health and the impact on their families. You shouldn’t have to worry about your financial security after the crisis. This is a burden that we can now lift. And this bill will do that. It will help take care of the people who take care of us all, ”Maloney said in the statement.4th


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