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2021 has been a year of meteoric growth for most major cryptocurrencies, with nearly every major asset now strongly in the green when measured year-to-date. But without a doubt, the vast majority of this year’s top performing cryptocurrencies were launched following a DEX initial offering (IDO) – a type of fundraising format typically used by decentralized exchanges (DEX ) and launch pads.

XTStarter, a social media-focused launch pad for accessing the community and raising cash, is delighted to announce that NNI (NeoNomad) will launch its initial token offering on XTStarter on April 6, 2022 at 06:00 (UTC).

NNI Subscription Details:

Total increase: 1,111,111
Price per token: 0.045 USDT
Minimum personal allowance: 100 USDT / 2,222 NNI
Maximum personal allowance: 500 USDT / 11,111 NNI
Subscription Channels:

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XTStarter Launchpad NNI Subscription Event Launch

What is XTStarter?

XTStarter, XT.COM’s proprietary token launchpad, plans to benefit both projects and users. Blockchain projects can raise funds and increase their reach in the crypto ecosystem through this exciting channel. Our users will have the chance to be part of potentially revolutionary projects.

In addition, XTStarter offers projects a comprehensive consulting service, which benefits from our knowledge and experience. We will ensure that projects can focus their efforts where it counts: developing their product and increasing adoption.

What is XT.COM?

Founded in 2018, XT Exchange is the world’s leading socialized asset exchange platform, with over 3 million registered users, over 400,000 monthly active users and over 13 million users in the ecosystem .

XT.COM offers comprehensive trading categories, such as spot trading, margin trading, contract trading, OTC trading, credit and debit cards, etc. ; XT.COM has a comprehensive platform with over 100 currencies and 300 trading pairs.

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What is NeoNomad?

NeoNomad provides an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem, including an exchange, integrated payment services, Launchpad, DeFi products, and an NFT marketplace to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone.

Designed to support hundreds of millions of users, NeoNomad serves as a permissionless, cheap, and scalable protocol that democratizes borrowing, lending, and leveraged trading, allowing you to get the most out of your capital .

The goal of the NeoNomad ecosystem is to provide a more stable and reliable platform for users to access the services they need.

NeoNomad Exchange aims to create a parallel economy in which users can freely access financial services without any restrictions.

Nomad Pay can also help users make quick payments anywhere in the world. NomadPay users have three payment options: NomadPay powered by Solana Pay for P2P crypto payments, NomadPay VisaX for payments using their DEX holdings, and NomadPay SWIFTX for SWIFT payments that can be initiated directly from the NeoNomad dashboard. NomadPay powered by Solana Pay allows users to execute peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments. It should be noted that Solana has high transaction speed and low transaction fees, with the ability to process up to 60,000 transactions per second and transaction fees of around $0.00025. By connecting consumer and merchant wallets, NeoNomad hopes to create a new communication channel with the NomadPay product. This channel will fundamentally change the way we view incentives as well as merchant-consumer relationships.

The NeoNomad NFT Marketplace is another innovative product within the NeoNomad ecosystem, offering rare NFTs backed by real-world assets. The value of an NFT backed by real-world assets is more stable and durable than the value of an NFT that is not tied to any physical asset. AgDeFi is an investment vehicle that focuses on agricultural asset-backed NFTs, while MinDeFi is an investment vehicle that focuses on precious metal asset-backed NFTs. The NeoNomad team plans to add more asset classes to the NFT market in the future.

NeoNomade Ecosystem

The ultimate goal of the NeoNomad ecosystem is to build a high-trust shadow economy where users can manage their finances freely. NeoNomad intends to build a global financial ecosystem in which users can profit by trading their digital assets and investing in diversified high yielding assets. Other DeFi investment options such as Yield Farming, Staking, and LPs are also available in the ecosystem, allowing users to earn more money. Additionally, NomadPay makes it easier for individuals to use their crypto in their daily lives by providing VISA card and SWIFT payments.

NNI, the token of NeoNomad, is about to launch its IDO on the innovative XTStarter launchpad. The price of the token is 0.045 USDC and the pool size is 4,400,000 NNI. The NeoNomad Investment Token (NNI) is based on the ERC-20/BEP-20/SPL Token standard. The NNI token is both a store of value and a utility token, as it allows users to access various DeFi tools, NFT investments, and payment services.

The NeoNomad ecosystem aspires to be “user-centric”. According to CEO Hanres Beukes, “The nomadic community is at the heart of our initiative, our products and our services. NeoNomad’s mission is to provide the community with a more inclusive DeFi ecosystem to enable financial stability, sustainable growth, and wealth for all. We are all nomads at heart, and we appreciate every nomad who joins our community!

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