Nearly ten delayed flights at Louis Armstrong International


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – There were 11 delayed inbound flights at Louis Armstrong International Airport.

“I’m a student, and this week is our final. Everyone is trying to get home and they canceled flights because of the fog, ”says Ariyona Frank.

Frustration set in earlier this week, when dozens of flights were delayed or canceled.

“We were first told to refuel, then we were told because of the fog,” says Andrea Johnson.

In a statement, the airport blamed the more than 200 flight delays and cancellations earlier this week on a combination of fog and crucial landing gear that is offline due to a construction project.

The airport, however, a public body, has still not made anyone available for an interview with FOX 8 to discuss it. The equipment is referred to as the FAA Instrument Landing System or ILS on Runway 11.

“It’s a signal that comes from a device at the airport that shows you how to fly horizontally and vertically to get the runway down,” explains Randy Noel.

Pilot Randy Noel said the ILS provides guidance to aircraft on approaching the runway, which is needed especially on a foggy night. The problem is, it’s foggy season, and flight delays and cancellations have already occurred twice this week.

“You know the airport experience is important,” says Kelly Schulz.

Kelly Schulz, of New Orleans and Company, points out that the airport is often the city’s first impression for a tourist.

On Monday, the city plans to host one of the largest conventions to come to New Orleans since COVID, with 21,000 people in attendance.

“There is definitely a lot of demand for New Orleans, I hope people can manage and have a good experience,” says Schulz.

The airport sent a statement today, but made no one available on camera. We hope to get more information at the Aviation Board meeting next week.

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