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Joanna Cherry becomes the second MP to leave the SNP body because of transparency concerns

Nicola Sturgeon’s most prominent SNP critic is the youngest high-ranking party to step down from its governing body and complain about the internal secret. Edinburgh South West MP Joanna Cherry said she had resigned from the SNP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) because she was prevented from “fulfilling the mandate that party members had given me to provide transparency and control improve”. Her announcement came shortly after the party’s treasurer resigned, claiming he had not received enough information to get the job done. Ms. Cherry, a close ally of Alex Salmond, was sacked from the party’s seat in Westminster in February. Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman announced Saturday night with a broadside attacking the party’s lack of financial transparency. John Swinney, the deputy prime minister, denied allegations that police were investigating the whereabouts of £ 600,000 in party money raised by activists and activists for an independence campaign alleged to have been spent elsewhere. However, in March, three officials resigned from the NEC’s Finance and Audit Committee in protest. Sources said they quit after Peter Murrell, the SNP executive director and Ms. Sturgeon’s husband, denied her request to see the party’s full accounts.


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