Kodak: President Trump says America will support the Ogbonge camera company, we would give up photos and cryptocurrency, port go drug business


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Eastman Kodak has evolved from producing photo film to making medicines.

The 131 year old company am dey the number one film making company wey dem dey has been taking snapshots for many years.

The camera company and the photo giant fail to create the era of digital cameras in the 21st century.

Later, Kodak will enter the cryptocurrency market but do the cryptocurrency business no favors.

Well, Kodak’s newest plan na to start pharmaceutical business.

The plan to make ingredients for drugs after the United States received a $ 765 loan from the Trump administration program to help America make drugs for the Covid-19 era.

Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump announced that the federal government would give Kodak di Moni.

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President Trump says the company will eventually produce a quarter of all the active ingredients we need to make drugs for America.

As of today, America imports the majority of its di-active ingredients from China and India.

Oga Trump says with the new deal that Kodak now wants to enta, America will be able to compete fit “with almost all contri, and soon all contri.”

The rise in the company’s shares reaches 2,760% for the Di loan stock market.

How this photo comes from, Getty Images


For 2011, the company’s cash will drop to $ 957 million from $ 1.6 billion it received for 2001.

The company declared bankruptcy for 2012 and obtained credit from Citigroup to reorganize the sef.

For 2013 Kodak announced to recover from the bankruptcy.

Between 2014 and 2018, the Don company produced various Kain smartphones plus televisions, but all of them were a flop.

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