India removes restrictions on number of flights to Ukraine amid tension with Russia


Currently, India has air bubble agreements with 35 countries. (File photo)

New Delhi:

The Indian government has removed restrictions on the number of flights to/from Ukraine under an air bubble arrangement amid the situation in the former Soviet state and its neighbor the Russia, which has deployed troops, attacked helicopters along the border, raising fears of an invasion.

“Any number of flights as well as charter flights can operate,” the Civil Aviation Ministry said in a statement.

“MoCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation) has removed the restriction on the number of flights and seats between India and Ukraine in the Air Bubble arrangement. Any number of flights as well as charter flights can Indian airlines have been advised to mount the flights due to increased demand. The MoCA is facilitating coordination with the MEA,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Indian embassy in Kyiv said more flights were planned in the near future to meet the additional demand.

“The Embassy of India has received several calls regarding the non-availability of flights from Ukraine to India. In this regard, students are advised not to panic but to book the first available flights and convenient to travel to India,” he said. said in a statement.

Currently, Ukrainian International Airlines, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways operate flights from Ukraine.

“To meet the additional demand, more flights are planned in the near future, including Ukrainian International Airlines, Air India, etc. Details on this will be shared by the Embassy as they become available. their confirmation,” he said.

On Tuesday, the embassy advised Indian citizens, especially students, to temporarily leave the country given the uncertainties of the current situation.

Under an air bubble agreement between two countries, international passenger flights may be operated by their respective carriers in the territories of the other subject to certain conditions.

Currently, India has air bubble agreements with 35 countries.

Scheduled international commercial passenger flights to and from India remain suspended since March 23, 2020.

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