How Alpha Impact helps you trade like a crypto expert


Using Alpha Impact, even beginners can start moving crypto expertly with as little as $ 25 in their trading accounts. This social trading platform dissolves the learning curve for novices and gives users of all trading abilities an advantage by following the games of seasoned investors in real time. You can learn how to trade crypto by watching experts stack satoshis on a range of transactions including spot, margin and options trading, and more importantly, you not only have the ability to watch what the traders are doing. expert traders, you can let Alpha Impact automatically do the same trades for you too.

A historic moment to enter crypto

Cryptocurrencies are currently experiencing one of the strongest surges in their short but bullish history. The crypto market capitalization has reached over $ 2 trillion and counts with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin see all-time highs. Additionally, with the advent of the challenge, the possibilities for crypto trading have exploded, meaning getting into the game these days can be more difficult than ever with hundreds of challenge apps to choose from.

Everyone wishes they could trade crypto like a pro-less the years of trial and error it takes to achieve pro status. This wish becomes reality because familiarizing yourself with cryptography is the declared mission of Alpha Impact. The platform offers “To democratize crypto investing by removing barriers between the best traders and those seeking to become the best traders and allowing investors of all stripes the same trading power whether they have 1 USDT or 1 BTC.” It’s never too late to start, but Alpha Impact makes sure more people can get started on the right foot.

Choose the right expert for you

In order to help you elevate your trading game in no time, Alpha Impact has assembled a team of some of the best traders in the market. Leveraging this vast expertise and knowledge, Alpha Impact has carefully researched the trading histories of the experts and categorized them into trading styles, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Some people prefer riskier strategies with higher rewards, and others prefer a more stable game plan with consistent payouts.

Whichever route you choose, Alpha Impact provides you with a transparent leaderboard showing the most recent trades and success rates from its experts, all ready to help you learn to trade.

A safe way to learn to trade

The crypto market can be volatile, and your assets can disappear in minutes if you don’t know what you are doing. Following an expert can help you avoid these pitfalls associated with crypto trading. Not only can you place trades alongside experienced hands, but Alpha Impact’s settings prevent its users from entering illiquid trades. These measures prevent you from accidentally trading tokens that cannot be redeemed in the future.

You can also rest assured that your assets are kept safe, as using Alpha Impact means you keep your assets to yourself. Since Alpha Impact operates on a non-custodial platform, you are responsible for your funds at all times. The platform never manages your trading account or your crypto, even when you authorize Alpha Impact to transact on your behalf. You can exit any positions you take using Alpha Impact at any time which means you have 100% control over your trades.

New tokens for new users

Alpha Impact wants to help sustainably develop the crypto community and increase crypto adoption as quickly as possible. To get new users started on the right track, new customers who qualify will receive $ 10 in BTC for signing up. Alpha Impact is on a mission to help traders find the path to success, and big names in crypto have ensured that the platform can achieve this with generous support.

Alpha Impact secured an undisclosed investment from Antlers in addition to the $ 3.1 million raised during a fundraiser led by LuneX Ventures, Genesis Block, SMO Capital, Axia8, Krypital and Solidity Ventures. Further details on the next Alpha Impact IDO will be announced soon.


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