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(in thousands, except for amounts per share and per share and unless otherwise indicated)

DWIP is subject to covenants relating to, among other things, future indebtedness and the transfer of control of DWIP, and DWIP must also adhere to a financial ratio relating to interest coverage (as defined in the DWIP Agreement). For the periods presented, DWIP was in compliance with all restrictive covenants associated with the DWIP Agreement.

Facility contract (up to £ 1,000,000)

In October 2017, a subsidiary of the Company, AP WIP International Holdings, LLC (?? IWIP ??), entered into a facility agreement (the ?? Facility Agreement ??) for a maximum of £ 1,000,000 with AP WIP Investments, LLC, as Guarantor, Telecom Credit Infrastructure Designated Activity Company (?? TCI DAC ??), as Initial Lender, Goldman Sachs Lending Partners LLC, as Agent, and GLAS Trust Corporation Limited, as as a security guard.

TCI DAC is an Irish Section 110 designated business company. The Facility Agreement is a £ 1,000,000 noncommittal note issuance program with a 10 years term and was created as a special purpose vehicle for the purpose of issuing tickets from time to time. Banknotes can be issued in US dollars, British pounds, euros, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars. No loan appraisal is required.

Under the terms of the facility agreement, IWIP is the sole borrower and the financial parties include a lender, an agent and certain other financial institutions. AP WIP Investments, which controls IWIP, is the guarantor of the loan and the loan is secured by the direct interests in IWIP. The loan is also secured by a debt service reserve account and an IWIP cash escrow account, which are included in Restricted Cash on the Consolidated Balance Sheets, as well as direct holdings and bank accounts. certain subsidiaries holding assets of IWIP. The Servicer, a subsidiary of the Company, is the Servicer under the Facility Agreement. The loan has priority in right of payment over all other debts of IWIP.

The facility agreement provides for funding of up to £ 1 billion (uncommitted) consisting of euro tranches (?? Series 1-A Slice ??) and slices in Pound Sterling (?? Serial 1-B
Tranche ??), with additional tranches available in Canadian, Australian and US dollars. As of October 2017, $ 266,200 of the amount available under the Facility Agreement has been funded, comprising individual loans of £ 115,000 and £ 100,000. At the close of the Facility Agreement, $ 5,000 has been paid and is to be held in an escrow account.

During the month of November 2018, an additional $ 98,400 of the amount available under the credit agreement was funded, consisting of loans of? 2-A Tranche ??) and £ 40,000 (?? Series 2-B Slice??).

The series 1-A Slice and Series 1-B The tranche bears interest at an annual rate of 4.10% and 4.61%, respectively. The series 2-A Slice and Series 2-B The tranche bears interest at an annual rate of 3.44% and 4.29%, respectively. Each slice can include sub-slices which may have a different interest rate from other loans in the initial tranche. All the tranches will also have identical conditions. For any variable interest rate portion of a tranche (or sub-tranche), the interest rate is that declared and remitted to IWIP five days before the quarter end date. Coupons do not reflect certain administration or service charges related to third parties.

The series 1-A Slice, Series 1-B Slice, the series 2-A Slice and series 2-B The tranche borrowings mature on October 30, 2027, at which time all outstanding principal balances will be repaid. Principal balances under the credit agreement may be prepaid in full on any date, subject to payment of any provision for repairs (as defined in the credit agreement).

On August 27, 2020, additional borrowings under the credit agreement were made, consisting of ?? 75,000 (?? Series 3-A Tranche ??) and £ 55,000 (?? Series 3-B Tranche ??) and resulting in an increase in the outstanding debt thereunder of $ 160,475. As part of these loans, the Credit Agreement was amended, among other things, to extend the termination date of the Credit Agreement from October 30, 2027 to this



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