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SINGAPUR, MEXICO / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2021 / Troy Trade, the world’s leading premier brokerage firm for institutional investors and professional traders, announces the launch of Troy 2.0 to extend the reach of its services beyond stock trading to an asset management platform advanced intelligent hybrid.

Trojan Trade was created due to the absence of prime brokers, which resulted in settlement issues and account management risks. As the crypto market surpasses the market cap by a trillion dollars, a stellar team has founded Troy Trade to solve the problems of the dominant crypto landscape. The expertise of the Troy Trade team served as market makers for the most important coins; however, there was an urgent need to create a revolution by amassing users in the crypto space for mainstream adoption. Hence, the stock exchange trading platform came into being. Troy Trade topped transaction volume by $ 100 million, unlocking the potential of CeFi, leading to exponential growth in users.

With the introduction of Troy 2.0, it is now expanding its range of services by creating a complete one-stop service solution allowing users to enjoy the best of CeFi and DeFi. The platform will offer solutions ranging from trading, exchange, asset management and governance to drive the overall utility of the platform. This will maximize returns for potential investors, driving the growth of the platform.

Troy Trade’s intuitive products will enable the execution of spot and margin transactions, custody services through a single interface bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi by leveraging blockchain technology. He creatively designed a way for the community to participate in the booming crypto industry, grabbing the attention of major players by showcasing his smart hybrid asset management services.

Some of the striking features of the Troy 2.0 are:

  • Liquidity Aggregation: Aggregate liquidity from major CEXs and DEXs to create a single pool for a global entry point for orders to reduce slippage costs.
  • Quantitative Trading Strategies: Research is the foundation of cutting edge technological innovation. Troy 2.0 will introduce technical indicators to stimulate user participation in derivatives trading including cross-market arbitrage, triangular arbitrage, future spot arbitrage, and many more.
  • Activate the TROY token: This will be the core of the incentive structure, allowing users to enjoy benefits in terms of discounts on trading, voting and governance fees.

With a solid roadmap bringing a clear visualization of the future Troy 2.0, the platform’s use cases will increase utility and adoption. Troy 2.0 creates the ideal gateway to access DeFi and CeFi products with an advanced ecosystem. Take an ever-exciting tour of the global financial markets experiencing an exciting combination of centralization and decentralization.

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