Continues Expansion In US: Crypto Broker Goes Online In Michigan

0 is currently valued at $ 5.2 billion and has reported over $ 1.5 billion in revenue since 2021. has launched custody and brokerage services in Michigan as the company continues to expand its crypto platform in the United States.

More than ten million Michigan residents now have access to the trading platform, with Michigan user registrations doubling at launch.

The trading platform allows users to monitor, buy, sell, trade and store cryptos using their non-custodial wallet, Exchange and blockchain Explorer. has been launched in Oklahoma, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota in recent weeks. The other key states that have implemented the digital asset exchange are Alaska, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Oregon.

Available in more than 30 states, the encryption platform actively works through individual license approvals to provide product availability to all residents of the United States.

The London and Miami-based company has an international team spread across the globe helping millions of people around the world to securely access cryptocurrency.

The company has raised more than $ 500 million in funding from leading global investors including Eldridge, GV, Kyle Bass, Lakestar, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Moore Strategic Ventures and Rovida Kruptos Assets Limited.

The leading remote company also offers roles in compliance, customer success, data science, engineering, finance, human operations and marketing for Michigan residents.

Brooks Wallace, Head of Communications at, commented, “Crypto caused a sensation in the Great Lakes State, even producing a millionaire in bitcoin. While we’re excited to build on this enthusiasm, the real goal of bringing our products to Michigan is to make them accessible to all Americans. As more residents seek out the benefits of crypto, we look forward to serving as a trusted resource to help build the future of finance. “ is currently valued at $ 5.2 billion and reported over $ 1.5 billion in revenue in 2021 as the company is home to growing institutional markets business and has over 37 million of audited accounts in over 200 countries.

The company recently launched leveraged trading on its cryptocurrency exchange, with a margin with leverage of up to 5: 1 in the BTC-USD trading pair.

The margin trading service, available in over 150 countries, allows traders to multiply market exposure, increasing both the potential for profit but also for loss. is one of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms in the world and is now following the leveraged trading trend that has taken the crypto space by storm.

The platform allows flexibility in the management of funds, so that traders can use a base currency or a counter currency to open margin positions.

With 0.12% per day (.0005% per hour) on open margin positions, claims that its margin rates are among the lowest and most competitive in the industry.


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