Babel Finance: Co-Founder Del Wang Talks About His Faith in Blockchain and Crypto


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – May 16, 2022 – Del Wang, co-founder and CEO of Babel Finance, is confident that Blockchain and Bitcoin will gradually become mainstream for the financial world and investors at large, as some financial organizations have already transitioned from traditional commercial banking to the digital currency sphere. Babel Finance was one of the first companies to launch a crypto lending service. Since its inception in July 2018, it has focused on crypto lending and the business has continued to grow. Now, its offering includes crypto lending, crypto trading, and crypto asset management services.

Prior to Babel Finance, Del Wang worked for many years in the traditional banking industry. He left the bank where he had worked for many years and his first project was BowenPay. BowenPay for Del Wang has forged an unbreakable relationship with Blockchain and crypto. In 2018, he co-founded Babel Finance. It may seem that Del Wang has returned to banking, but to the Blockchain world rather than the traditional financial world.

Del Wang below discusses his thoughts on Blockchain and Bitcoin and some of his Bitcoin halving predictions.

The Role of Covid-19 in Securing a Place for Bitcoin

After the onset of the global financial crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, central banks around the world cut interest rates, implemented quantitative easing, printed money, and managed various risks and liquidity issues of the view of sovereign credit as the monetary system. respond.

If a central bank’s efforts are successful, Bitcoin will undoubtedly rise due to its small pool and high liquidity; if monetary policy fails, the sovereign currency credit system, led by the US dollar, would become less attractive and less reliable. As a result, Del Wang’s confidence in the Bitcoin market is stronger, as whatever happens in the future will be good for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin volatility in the short term

Del Wang’s crypto team at Babel Finance knows that the Bitcoin market remains very speculative in the short term, with several risks and opportunities. It is also a place with many opportunities for people who have previously worked in the mainstream financial sector to participate.

Additionally, Bitcoin has seen three halvings in its lifetime. How many of us were aware of this the first time? Each halving is likely to help Bitcoin “break out of the circle”, expand the impact of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and increase the number of people who know and care about Bitcoin. This is unquestionably a long-term benefit for Bitcoin and crypto growth.

“Given that Babel Finance is a crypto financial institution, our primary focus is to address this uncertainty through our financial products and strategies to help institutional investors – including mining clients, trading companies and investment funds. , – in risk management and cash flow management to deal with this uncertainty in market movements,” noted Del Wang.

Long-term, Del Wang remains positive about Bitcoin’s market trajectory. His thoughts are because the halving will only lead to a reduction in Bitcoin’s increment. In reality, this amount may not affect the amount of Bitcoin traded. The volume will always be important.

Final Thoughts

With the over-issuance of Fiat currencies, Bitcoin’s risk-asset qualities and exceptional anti-fragility will attract a large amount of capital, which is inevitable. The overall Bitcoin supply will steadily decrease, demand will increase, and Bitcoin’s value will increase.

Del Wang cautions investors that price sometimes deviates from value, so the short to medium term outlook is not ideal for the vast majority of individuals, especially in a volatile market.

Notes to Editors and Readers

The article is based on the author’s own research, analysis and judgments, and it is not intended to be an investment suggestion.

About Babel Finance

Babel Finance is one of the world’s leading providers of crypto financial services, offering institutional investors and HNWIs professional services covering crypto lending and crypto trading.

The company is backed by leading investors including Sequoia Capital China, Tiger Global Management, BAI Capital, Zoo Capital, Dragonfly Capital and NGC Ventures.

With a business focus in Asia and a head office in Singapore, Babel Finance has established close cooperative relationships with major global stock exchanges, custodians, investment funds and mining institutions.

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