Afghans living in US demand democratic Afghanistan, pressure Pakistan to end support for Taliban


By Reena Bhardwaj |
June 26, 2021 9:38 AM STI

Washington [US], June 26 (ANI): Dozens of African Americans stood outside the White House to greet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani who met with US President Joe Biden on Friday (local time) for the first face-to-face interaction before the rest of the United States and the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan before September 11.
A demonstration was also organized by the Afghan-American communities for the rights of all ethnic groups and for the guarantee of a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan which is acceptable to all. The demonstrators carried banners, one of which read: “We want a democratic Afghanistan”
The diaspora stressed that the Afghan people want Pakistan to take practical and transparent steps to shut down Taliban bases and end its support for the insurgent group following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The Afghans had among the banners with calls for Pakistan which read “The Taliban have a sanctuary in Pakistan”.
“We are here to welcome our President Ashraf Ghani, but our main goal of coming together here is to stop the proxy war in Afghanistan which Pakistan is supporting and trying to destabilize the region,” said Sharifullah Sharafat, a living Afghan American. now in Washington. DC.
Khalida, a female activist among the crowd, shared her vision for her homeland. “Our government is completely Islamic, but Pakistan wants to impose its way on Islam in Afghanistan. We want our government to have a constitutional law,” she said.

The Afghan diaspora is worried about Pakistan’s failure to keep its promises to contain the Taliban, which has contributed to the endless cycle of violence in Afghanistan.
“Pakistan must stop supporting the Taliban, they must stop supporting terrorism. As an American citizen, I also call on the Biden administration to end all financial assistance to Pakistan,” said Mirwais, a protester at the time. an interview with the ANI.
Meanwhile, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he warned Biden that Washington’s decision to withdraw troops would have consequences for both sides, although he did not ask Biden to delay the withdrawal.
“President Biden’s decision is a transformational decision that will have significant results for both the Afghan people and the American people in the region,” Ghani said during a speech in Washington.
Ghani added that talks with the United States have been very productive and that countries in the region should “bet” on the Afghan government to stay in power, not on other forces. He said Biden made it clear that the United States will continue to provide security and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.
In addition, the Afghan president announced that the Afghan security forces had taken over a number of neighborhoods fallen to the hands of the Taliban in southern and northern Afghanistan. Ghani called on the Taliban for a ceasefire and to resume the political process.
Biden and Ghani met at the White House as US troops leave Afghanistan after more than two decades of military operations there. The United States has already withdrawn more than half of its troops from Afghanistan and plans to complete their withdrawal largely by July, well ahead of the 9/11 deadline.
The White House earlier announced a series of measures to provide assistance to the South Asian country with the troop withdrawal, including donating three million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to the Afghan people through the facility. COVAX.
In addition, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is also supporting Afghan efforts to respond to critical oxygen shortages and medical ventilation support by providing emergency and structural assistance. (ANI)


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