5 Best Real Money Stories: Cramer Over Second Chance Stocks; Inflation


As the downpour of profits continues, the news continues about a shortage computer chips, inflation and prices.

And then there is capital gains tax stimulus talks and spending proposals land as vaccination rates appear to be slowing in adults, potentially choking on reopening.

What should an investor do with all the headlines?

Help us guide us through the turbulent news of the day and the market is Real money and Real Money Pro experts Jim cramer, Helene Meisler, James ‘Rev Shark’ DePorre, Peter Tchir and Tom graff.

Jim Cramer: Don’t bet against returns

Just like you have to know how to read a play, you have to know how to read a tape, and that tape screams “I haven’t finished yet,” writes Jim Cramer. If stocks could speak, Cramer explains, you could actually hear them say something like that, because, as he puts it, we’re in one of the biggest second-chance markets he’s ever seen.

here’s how see stocks at present.

Helene Meisler: speculation is so yesterday

Boring large-cap stocks are where they are, writes technical analyst Helene Meisler. What is not hot? These wild special-purpose acquisition companies – or PSPCs – electric vehicles and other previous movers.

Here Meisler releases the graphics to break market movements.

Rev Shark: A Good Loser is a Good Trader

Losing in sports is never admired. But in other businesses, like trading, it’s extremely important to admit that you’re in a bad position and unlikely to win, says Real money Columnist James “Rev Shark” DePorre.

Here’s why DePorre thinks admitting a position is a loser is a smart strategy.

Peter Tchir: Inflation will not overtake us

Real Money Pro Columnist Peter Tchir is not one to fight Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. But Tchir contradicts the Fed’s argument that inflation is transient and easily contained, listing what would trigger higher prices – or even simply fear higher costs.

See how Tchir sees inflation and rates.

Tom Graff: You won’t discuss easing

The Federal Reserve said last week that it was not even discussing gradually backing down on quantitative easing. Indeed, at first glance, the weekly Fed meeting seemed to end with a status quo. But underneath is another story – one that could affect returns in the long run.

Here is Graff’s take on what takes place behind the scenes.

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