3D-P Begins Full Network Upgrade at Wyoming Coal Mine


Posted by Paul Moore on August 20, 2022

3D-P says it was selected to perform a complete network overhaul at a major coal mine in Wyoming. To meet coal demand, the customer increases the size of its fleet. This expansion requires an improved and highly reliable network.

“In partnership with our client, we have developed a cost-effective plan that integrates their existing infrastructure. This sustainable approach has allowed the mine to utilize its previous capital expenditure, rather than having to recycle and reuse older technology. »

3D-P has over 20 years of experience in communications for heavy industrial applications. “As experts in this field, we realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to deploying a wireless network for outdoor industrial environments. We pride ourselves on being vendor independent, tailoring each network/deployment with hardware suitable for use by a multitude of vendors.

Ever-changing topology, interference, contention, and security issues can make deployments difficult. “As such, our network philosophy is to take a progressive approach. We first understand the environment. Next, we dig deeper into existing and future applications that the mine network will need to support. Finally, and with the client, we select the best technology to meet the needs of our clients within their budget. For this mine, 3D-P is deploying a peer-to-peer mesh solution, allowing them to have increased coverage and connectivity, ensuring better monitoring of data and measurements for years to come.


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