Loan Post with Fixed-term Contract:

Loans are usually one of the simplest ways to get a small sum to meet unexpected expenses or to start small personal projects. Nowadays, however, getting a loan is becoming increasingly difficult and complicated; whereas most workers have a fixed-term employment contract , it is increasingly difficult to find a credit institution willing to grant a loan to those who have such a work contract. Usually both banks and credit institutions in general are much more willing to grant loans and loans to subjects who have a permanent employment contract.

What about those who do not have a permanent contract? Should he completely give up the idea of ​​getting a small loan? Well, you shouldn’t give up. It is true that applying for a loan by offering a fixed-term contract as collateral could be more difficult, but it is not impossible. Some lenders offer you the possibility of obtaining a loan even without a permanent contract. So who should you go to get a loan like that? What types of loans can you apply for with a fixed-term contract? What are the requisites to be met and the loan disbursement and repayment methods? Let’s analyze these aspects one by one.

Loans and loans with a fixed-term contract

A loan or a loan consists of a sum of cash in liquidity obtained in exchange for guarantees that that sum can be repaid over a certain period of time and paying a certain interest rate. Usually banks, and credit institutions in general, ask for a secure employment contract as a guarantee for the loan. Often a permanent employment contract is required. But the current situation has brought forward fixed-term or fixed-term contracts in increasing numbers.

Fixed-term contracts have a definite duration. When we talk about this type of contract, we therefore mean contracts as both employed and self-employed. The main feature of this kind of contract is a certain source of income but limited in time, therefore limited to the expiry of the contract itself.

Most of the workers employed on a fixed-term contract therefore find themselves having an income which is only a guarantee until the contract expires . Precisely for this reason it is often very difficult to obtain a loan, because the guarantee is not stable over time.

So if you are going to get a loan despite having a fixed-term contract, you will have to take into account that it will be loans that will have specific characteristics . Furthermore, you should be aware that you can probably only request a certain type of precise loans.

Characteristics of these loans

So what are the characteristics of a loan with a fixed-term contract? Well, as we mentioned earlier, these loans will have very specific characteristics. First of all, these will be loans characterized by not particularly high sums of money . Usually, given that it is always the subject’s income that guarantees, the loan, the sum you request will be subject to expiration and the type of contract you have.

So it is very likely that you will be able to borrow only mini amounts ; sums that you will then be able to repay in the span of time in which your contract of employment will also last. The duration of the loan will also be subject to the fixed-term employment contract. For example, if you have an 18-month work contract, you will probably be offered a loan to be repaid over those 18 months. This is because both banks and credit institutions in general do not grant loans if they do not have good repayment guarantees.

So, in summary, workers on fixed-term contracts can apply for loans or loans. These loans, however, will have as their object the small sums, they will have a duration linked to the duration of the employment contract, and will usually be at a fixed rate, a fairly convenient rate. These are therefore the main characteristics of the loans obtained with a fixed-term employment contract. If the conditions described in this paragraph are suitable for your needs, then you can continue to apply for the loan.

Poste Italiane fixed-term loans

The question that arises spontaneously at this point is: who can I contact to get a loan with a fixed-term employment contract? One of the possibilities you have is to apply for a loan from Poste Italiane . Poste Italiane offers a wide range of financial products with very different characteristics that make them suitable for various needs and requirements.

Among the various loan and financing proposals, there are some that are also characterized by elements that make them suitable and therefore also available to those with a fixed-term employment contract. For example, the BancoPosta Mini Loan or the SpecialCash PostePay loan could be two solutions for you.

The BancoPosta Mini Loan is the ideal solution if you want to get a small sum to start some projects, to deal with unexpected expenses, or simply to buy something important for you or your family. The BancoPosta mini loan is a solution designed for Poste Italiane customers who already own a PostePay Evolution card. This is a really simple and convenient solution, in fact this loan can be requested very easily both online and in any post office. The SpecialCash PostePay mini loan is instead a loan that will allow you to top up your PostePay card or your PostePay Evolution card with an amount ranging from a minimum of € 750 to a maximum of € 1500. The amount chosen must be paid directly to a PostePay card of your choice and can be used in various ways. This mini loan has features that make it perfect for anyone looking for a small loan that is easy to request and convenient to repay .

Requirements to apply for the loan

But what are the requirements to get one of these loans? Let’s examine first the requisites required to obtain the BancoPosta Mini loan. The Bancoposta mini loan can be requested by all PostePay Evolution card holders who are between 18 and 76 years old at the end of the reimbursement. Moreover, those requesting the loan must be resident in Italy and have a demonstrable income. Furthermore you can easily apply for the BancoPosta mini loan even if you do not have a BancoPosta current account or a bank account.

Along with the application, you will need to submit the following documentation:

  • Identity document valid
  • Health insurance card
  • Income document

We now move on to the requirements to obtain the PostePay SpecialCash . The fundamental condition for being able to request and obtain this loan is the possession of a PostePay card , which is normal or Evolution type. You will also need to be between 18 and 70 years old . You will also need to be resident in Italy . The documents to be presented are:

  • Identity document valid
  • Health insurance card
  • Document certifying the applicant’s income

Once the loan application and documents have been submitted, you will have to wait for Poste Italiane to approve the loan.

Method of loan disbursement

Once the loan is approved, the amount you have requested will be paid to you in a single payment by crediting your postal or bank account or the PostePay you hold. The loan disbursement is therefore really simple, practical and fast.

Among the requirements that we examined to be able to apply for the loan is the document certifying the subject’s income . For workers who have a fixed-term contract, this means submitting the employment contract they have. Based on the work contract they will present, it is obvious that Poste Italiane will have the right to decide and propose the type of loan most suitable for that type of contract.

Since Poste Italiane also requires certain guarantees before accepting a loan request, it is likely that you will only be able to obtain a mini loan. This is because, as we have already examined, a fixed-term employment contract presents greater difficulties and therefore is subject to satisfying certain characteristics that may be more stringent .

How to repay the loan

With regards to the repayment methods of the loan that you will request, these vary a great deal according to the type of loan you will be able to obtain. The repayment usually takes place through the payment of fixed monthly installments. Payment can be made in different ways:

  • By debit from a postal or bank account
  • By credit card PostePay or PostePay Evolution
  • Through the payment of monthly postal bills

It will be up to you to choose the repayment method that will be most convenient for your needs. However, repayment times will depend on the duration of the loan itself. The higher the loan sum, the longer the duration of the loan will be. But, as far as the mini loans we have examined in this article are concerned, the duration will never be too long.

The reason is related to the reasons we examined in some previous paragraphs. Since this is a loan requested by presenting a fixed-term employment contract as a guarantee, the duration of the loan will be established precisely based on the duration of your contract of employment . So, a lot will depend on the type of contract you present when you apply for a loan.

Other types of loans with a fixed-term contract

But, in addition to Poste Italiane, is it possible to apply to other credit institutions to obtain a loan with a fixed-term contract? If you do not want to apply for a loan from Poste Italiane, you could consider other options available to you . Keep in mind, however, that fixed-term loans are not granted by all banks and all credit institutions. Some banks require the presence of a permanent employment contract as an essential requirement.

However, some banks provide the possibility of being able to apply for a loan even if only a fixed-term contract can be presented as a guarantee. Among the various options available, you might consider the possibility of transferring you to banks or credit institutions that provide for this possibility.

As in the case of the Poste Italiane loans that we examined, also the loans granted by other credit institutions will be subject to limitations; these limitations are associated with the presentation of a fixed-term employment contract as a guarantee for the loan. So, before applying, take into account the fact that you will probably be able to get loans with mini sums, of a fairly short duration and usually offered at a fixed rate .


In this article we have examined the various options available to subordinate or self-employed workers who have a fixed-term employment contract. We have understood that having a contract of this kind does not necessarily preclude the possibility of obtaining a loan. Rather, the request for a loan with such a contract is subject to limitations and has different characteristics than other types of financing.

To obtain a loan with a fixed-term employment contract, you should turn to banks or credit institutions that provide this possibility. The characteristics of the loan that you are going to ask will be different, as they will be based on the contract of employment that you will present as a guarantee for the repayment of the loan.

We have seen that Poste Italiane, with its mini loans, could prove to be an advantageous option for those who need a loan but can present only a fixed-term contract as a guarantee. The mini loans offered by Poste Italiane are a practical and convenient solution for obtaining a small loan. Equipped with flexibility and advantageous features, these mini loans could prove to be the perfect solution for those on a fixed-term contract.