Guide on how to check monthly duration, amount and credit.

To take advantage of unemployment, the employee must have terminated the employment relationship in a non-voluntary manner (resignation for just cause, dismissal, etc.). Furthermore, you must have accumulated at least 13 weeks of contributions in the 4 years preceding the unemployment claim and at least 30 days of actual work in the 12 months preceding the beginning of unemployment.

Finally, an application must be submitted via:

  • INPS (via the number 803.164 or directly in the online INPS portal);
  • Patronage institutions and institutions intermediaries.

The application to obtain the Good Finance must be submitted within the 68th day after the dismissal.

How long does unemployment last?

The number of weeks due is equal to half of the weeks worked in the last 4 years, for a maximum of 24 months as described in the Legislative Decree n.22 / 2015 on the new unemployment benefit called Good Finance.

For example, Mr. Mario Rossi, Private Employee dismissed, having worked 2 years (24 contribution months) will be entitled to unemployment equal to 12 monthly payments. While, the amount due, will be equal to 75% of the average monthly gross salary of the last four years (if equal or less than 1,208.15 euros).

How to access the Good Finance Online service

To take advantage of the services made available for “Good Finance Online unemployment”, access must be made to the INPS portal from ” All services ” to ” New Social Insurance for Employment (Good Finance): consultation questions “. Next you need to enter your credentials (PIN or SPID). After that, you will find information on the last question presented .

Display Good Finance duration and amount

Clicking on “ Details ” will open the Good Finance calculation table (downloadable in pdf), which indicates the duration of the indemnity with the gross amounts to be paid monthly.

A note informs the beneficiary of the gradual reduction of 3% starting from the 4th month of payment of the indemnity, foreseen by the legislation as a calculation criterion.

How to check the outcome of the application

Furthermore, the user can check online the outcome of the application and the Good Finance accreditations by accessing his ” MyInps ” section and clicking on ” Your notices “. You can find two types of alerts:

  • ” Notice of Communication “, which refers via a link to the acknowledgment letter that communicates the acceptance / rejection or the request for further documentation, sent by the Institute via Postel and stored in the online Mailbox service, from which the user can view and download the communication in pdf, which remains available even in case of loss of the letter;
  • ” Non-agricultural unemployment from … “, notice of liquidation of each installment of Good Finance containing an indication of the gross amount settled on the IBAN indicated in the application.

First-time Good Finance notice

Whoever provided the mobile phone when requesting credentials to access online services (PIN or SPID), will also receive an SMS signaling the notice of payment of the first installment of the service, to then independently monitor the crediting of the installments of Good Finance.

Even those who have submitted the application through the Patronato, having received the letter of acceptance, can consult the calculation table or request it from the operator of Patronato itself.